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Altered Goth Fae

September 2011

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Zodiac - Aries

wyrdangelique in secondhandgoth


Well everybody, here's the intro post.

I was going through my closet today making a point to get rid of a certain amount of stuff. I've been moving and doing lots of laundry, and I realized that I have a lot of things that I don't need or want anymore. Most of my clothes are now too big, and I really need smaller ones... Hoping to save a little money and just swap my clothes for something else, I got on LJ today to see if there was a trading community like this. Since there wasn't one, I figured "what the hell? I'll start one!"

Think of this more like going through your friends closets and trading clothes, and less like an actual business arangement. I'm kind of envisioning someone posting a picture of something they want to get rid of, and then others "bid" on it with pictures of things they're willing to trade. Or I suppose you could offer money too, but that's not really the point.

And what makes it "goth"? Well we'll try to use that term as broadly as possible, but I think we all have some idea of what it means. Don't be posting your red hippie skirt next to your black corset that's too small. Try to stick with the theme. If you got it at hottopic, it counts. If it's black, it counts. If it's a corset or parasol, it counts.... But use your judgement.

I'll post pics of my unwanteds in a couple days. Local friends get first dibs.

Let's trade!



Thanks for making this comm. I hope it grows over time.