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secondhandgoth's Journal

The Gothic Clothing Exchange
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To meet others wearing black and trade clothing
The Gothic Clothing Exchange (aka Second-Hand Goth) is a place to sell and trade your goth clothes with others. Here are the rules:

1. No merchandise should be offered without accompanying photos.

2. Describe the merchandise in the best detail possible. If it is used, please indicated that the item has been previously worn. If it is new, please indicate that as well. Also, please indicate the reason for wanting to trade (it doesn't fit anymore, you bought it online, and you don't like it but they won't take it back, you're cleaning out your closet and you don't want it anymore, etc...)

3. Shipper pays shipping on their own items unless another arrangement is made before hand.

4. All trades are to be handled at your own risk. Please settle all trade disagreements privately. Moderators of this group accept no responsibility for lost or stolen merchandise.

Let the games begin!